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"Last year we decided to have the family reunion we have been wanting for years. With our kids older now and with families of their own, it’s not always easy or cost effective for everyone to vacation together. The idea of renting a villa seemed like a great way to get everyone together at the same time and at the same place. Like a dream home where you could entertain everyone you wanted with ease and convenience. We enjoyed many quiet evenings together talking as a group, on the outside deck at night fascinated by the city lights below. It was nice for everyone to be able to do so many activities together or in smaller groups throughout the day. More importantly, having everyone all together to catch up on stories was the best part of the vacation."

"This place in Puerto Vallarta was amazing. There were 15 of us. The staff was wonderful. The food was amazing. Nice to have the place to ourselves and not worry about anything."

"How amazing… the place was beautiful and reasonable … it was the staff who made the whole process remarkable… they are simply the best.. highly highly highly recommended…"

"Amazing! We had our whole family of 43 there for the week. We had the best time ever. Vinny and staff were fantastic! The kids miss Obi and his smoothies!!"

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Tips on how to plan for a memorable group vacation

Make some plans.

Research all your options to do as a group while in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Then everyone picks their top 3 activities they would like to do, then merge all those top 3’s together and make sure to hit at least one on everyone's list.

So many places to eat.

Food can make a trip, so make some food plans and let everyone know before you go. Plan for dinners out to enjoy the local flavors and unique dishes. Plan your packed coolers when going to the beach or exploring the natural surroundings. Enjoy the personal touches from your very own personal chef, plan meals perfect for everyone and also have any personal dietary needs/requests met.

Have fun no matter what happens.

Remember you’re on a vacation and sometimes the fun is in everything not always going as planned. It’s an adventure. Find the humor and memories of the adventures you get yourself into while enjoying the villa and the activities around Puerto Vallarta.

Make these memories last forever.

With everyone together and new faces to get to know, tell family memories and make new family memories. Bring along a journal to record your thoughts and leave it out so everyone can write in it as well.

Turn up the music.

How about making a soundtrack to make this moment together even more memorable? Make your memories come alive and tangible when you hear these songs again later.

Are vacation villas affordable?

They really are! Take Villa Savana, for example. You can rent this property for as few as 5 days, accommodating a minimum of 16 guests. Divide that rate by 8 couples and each pair is paying significantly less that you would at a hotel or resort. And you get a beautiful Spanish villa overlooking the Bay of Banderas that includes daily housekeeping, a full service staff, our own kitchen with onsite dining and your own gourmet chef, among many, many other amenities.

It’s also important to note that there are normally additional costs at a hotel for incidentals like movies, WiFi and parking fees.

A villa also gives you access to spaces you don’t normally have at hotels; private tropical gardens, beautiful view patios, multiple living areas, private group dining and private terraces. So worth it!

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