About Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is consistently voted #1 or #2 in every top ten list for vacation destinations in the Americas… That’s because it is literally paradise on Earth… and Villa Savana is the perfect base from which to explore its incredible natural beauty, small town atmosphere and the inherently warm and friendly local residents.


Puerto Vallarta, Live It to Believe It.


Most people don’t realize that Puerto Vallarta is at the same tropical latitude as Hawaii, and the two places have very similar weather.

November, December, January and February are the mildest months with average temperatures between 72 and 77°F. Light attire during the day, and maybe a sweater in the evenings, is all you will need. In the springtime, March through May, you can leave the outer layers at home. The average temperatures during this time of year are between 69° and 85°F and it hardly ever rains. During this 7 month period, Puerto Vallarta truly shines and shows why it is considered one of the most desirable vacation destinations in the world.

The summertime, June through October, is the hottest time of year. The temperatures range from 81-92°F… But with the high humidity, it can seem a lot hotter. When you visit at this time you can expect to do some sweating. Summer is also the rainy season, which helps cool things down. The rains normally start up in the evenings and taper off in the early morning hours. Many people choose to regularly visit Vallarta during the summer months because of the spectacular thunder and lightning displays over the Bay of Banderas… and the fact that there are fewer visitors at this time of year and great deals can be found (our rates are up to 25% lower!).

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